So Bailey May 2015

I was excited to see this month’s So Bailey since we liked April’s box so much.  Here’s the first look.


The first thing I pulled out was a gray head band (wrap?  what do you call those?) that will be perfect for Jillian.  She doesn’t like hard head bands because they squeeze her head, so maybe I can get her to try this one out!


Then was a pretty bright yellow chevron bow, again, on our favorite kind of clip.  This will go great with our colorful summer outfits.  The picture doesn’t really do this bow justice…the yellow is much brighter in person.

imageAnd then two smaller navy blue bows.  I’m excited about these.  Savannah doesn’t yet have enough hair for one of the bigger bows, so I can put one of these in.  Maybe I can convince Jillian to let me do pigtails in her hair so we can use both of them together.  She’s very particular about how her hair is done….most days she won’t even let me do a ponytail.


And last but not least, with every box is a So Bailey Project to allow you to “give back.”  This project was Salute Our Soldiers.  In honor of Memorial Day, we were encouraged to show our gratitude and encouragement to our soldiers by making personalized cards to send.  Since my girls are so young and can’t really write or truly understand exactly what our soldiers do, we decided to paint American flag to send along with a card written by me. Tuesday is our crafting day, so this morning we pulled out the paint.


First this we did we make our own “smocks” from garbage bags.  I simply cut holes for her head and arms and slipped it over their heads.  Savannah is still learning the whole concept of painting, so I just put a little red paint on her paper and let her use the brush to smear it around.  After a little while I rinsed her brush and added some blue for her to paint with.  It doesn’t really resemble a flag but it does have the patriotic colors.


Before giving Jillian her paper, I drew out a square for the blue and some stripes.  We discussed the red/white pattern of the stripes on the flag, but she decided to just paint the whole big part red, which is fine…it was her project.

Here are the finished projects.

imageI know that these are not necessarily “cards” but I hope we can bring a smile to some soldiers face.  Maybe they’ll go to someone who has children near the age of my girls and has had to leave their own kids behind while they’re away fighting for our freedom.  Maybe this will remind them of home and encourage them and let them know that even small children can appreciate their efforts for our great country!

This subscription continues to be a keeper for us.  I was pleased with the products, presentation and price.  If you’d like to subscribe to So Bailey, you can choose 1 month ($18.95/month), 3-month ($17.95/month) or yearly ($16.95/month).   I can’t wait to see what else So Bailey has in store for us!

*I pay 100% for this subscription.  All opinions are my own.


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Summer Schedule

Summer Schedule

After working year round in a preschool for 12 years, I’m used to a pretty rigid schedule.  The girls have both been in preschool since they were born, so they are too.   All of a sudden, we are handed 2 whole months of freedom!!!!  Don’t get me wrong…I’m not complaining at all…but I feel we’ll all function a little better with some sort of routine.  Here’s how I plan to keep my girls entertained and “busy” while allowing them to enjoy their time off.

Summer Schedule

Now, when I call this a schedule, I’m using the term loosely.  With littles, you have to be flexible.  Being too rigid causes them to balk and you get FITS and TANTRUMS, two things I hope to avoid this summer.

Monday:  Outdoor Adventure Day can be anything from drawing with chalk outside on the concrete to going to a local park to play.  Both of my girls love to be outside and already are asking when we can get the blow up pool out.

Tuesday:  Creative Crafting…again, this is very flexible…it can be anything from coloring one of the many Minnie Mouse coloring books we have to painting to practicing scissor skills.

Wednesday:  I made Wednesday Reading Fun Day because that’s the day that our local library does story time for our age group.  We plan on attending story time every week.  Jillian also LOVES checking out books from the library.

Thursday:  During the school year, the only time I’m in the kitchen is to make supper and most times I just want to get done and get out.  Jilli is always asking if she can help make my “recipe,” so Kids in the Kitchen day is just for that.  It can be as simple as mixing pretzels, marshmallows, and chocolate chips for snack mix or elaborate as making cupcakes or helping assemble freezer meals.

Friday:  We do a lot of creative, “artsy” stuff because that’s what the girls enjoy and ask for.  Little Einstein Fridays are to introduce some simple science experiments.  I know both girls will be fascinated by things like mixing colors or making a volcano with baking soda and vinegar.

We subscribe to M is For Monster, which is a preschool subscription box, and in each box is a lesson plan for each week during the month.  I plan to incorporate those themes into our scheduled activity days when I can.  This will give us specific things to look for at the library, or ideas on recipes and science experiments to add variety.

What are your thoughts on sticking to a schedule in the summer?  What do you like and what would you do differently?


gentle cleanser

Young Living skin care

I know by now, you’ve heard about essential oils. And I’m sure if you’ve heard of essential oils, you’ve probably heard of Young Living. I’ve been using essential oils for almost a year now for anything from helping my babies sleep to keeping spiders away.  Young Living is my brand of choice, and you can see why here.  What you may not know is that Young Living offers more than just essential oils.

I’ve recently started using products from their skin care line, and I am finally, after 39 years, happy with the way my skin looks.  I’ve always battled acne (which I believe is hormonal), but I’ve also always had issues with chronic redness in my face.  My face just stays red.  Whether hot or cold, whether upset or calm, my face is red.  My nose is the worst.  I look like Rudolph.   Even with makeup.  I’ve been pleased with the results of the YL  oils, so I thought I’d give the facial products a whirl.

I wanted to try the ART facial care system, but everytime I logged in, it was sold out.  I didn’t want to wait (because who knows when it will be back in stock), so I started with the ART Gentle Cleanser.  Yes, it’s a little more  pricey to buy each item separately rather than getting the whole kit, but that was back in February and the kit is still sold out now in May.  I’ve used the cleanser daily since receiving my February Essential Rewards order and I still have over half a bottle left, so it lasts a long time.  I immediately could tell a difference in my skin after only a couple of days.  It seemed that my face was less oily during the day than usual.  I also noticed a decrease in blemishes…even during the times of my cycle that usually cause the biggest breakouts.

gentle cleanser

Because I was so pleased with the cleanser, I ordered the ART Refreshing Toner in my March Essential Rewards order.  I loved this toner.  I feel like this is what has help to diminish the redness in my cheeks and nose.  Finally, when I apply makeup, it covers the red!!!  Before it didn’t matter how thick or dark the foundation I used (and I don’t use much makeup…I just like a thin layer of light foundation) within an hour or so, my red nose was shining through.   Like the cleanser, the toner lasts forever.  I’ve been using it daily since March and have barely used 1/4 of the bottle.


I’ve not yet ordered the moisturizer that goes with the ART trio because my skin does tend to be so oily, especially in the summer months.  I’m afraid a moisturizer will just make me more shiny.

I love that as I continue to use these 2 products, my skin continues to improve.  I’ve always hated pictures of myself because of my red Rudolf nose.  Now when my babies want to take selfies, I don’t feel so self conscious about sharing!


If you’d like to try Young Living’s products there are a couple of ways to go about it.  You can order at retail price as a regular “customer.”  (Please use my member number:  1884401)  Or, you can sign up as a wholesale member to get your 24% discount on any products you order.  Once you fill out your information, you will need to pick your enrollment kit.  I picked the Premium Starter Kit because it was such a GREAT value!  You get

  • A Beautiful Diffuser – I run this in my home daily! (and the cost of the diffuser alone is $98!)
  • Everyday Oils Kit, which has ten 5ml bottles of oil – approx 85 drops in each bottle (Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Frankincense, Melaleuca (tea tree), PanAway blend, Purification blend, Thieves blend, Joy blend, and Stress Away blend)
  • BONUS 5ml bottle of Citrus Fresh blend
  • TEN oil sample/travel packs
  • TWO NingXia Red single 2oz drink packs
  • ONE roller ball,
  • and welcome information!!

I also give all my new members who join with this kit the 450+ page Essential Oil Pocket Reference Book (shown in graphic) to help you start your journey AND a copy of “Oilopoly” our Oily Mommy Team Handbook that will guide you through every step of using your oils and sharing Young Living should you choose to do so. I will also add you to our private team education page.

march incentiveWorried you won’t know what to do with your oils when you get them?  No problem!  I will not leave you to figure things out on your own.  As a member of the Oily Mommy team, you will have LOTS of opportunities for education.  We offer several classes for those who are local (south Arkansas).  I realize most of you are nowhere near this little town in Arkansas, so for you, we offer email classes, conference calls, or online “watch at your convenience” classes!  The more you learn, the more comfortable you’ll be with your oils.

If you’d like more information on Young Living and how to use your oils, follow Our Well Oiled Home on Facebook.

To become a wholesale member and get your Premium Starter Kit, visit Young Living to get signed up.  It can be a little confusing if you’re new to Young Living.   If you have questions or would like more information, email me!

School’s Out for Summer!!

I cannot express how excited I am that it is finally summer break! It’s been 13 years since I’ve had the priveledge of staying home during the summer. As much as I love my new job, it doesn’t hold a candle to spending time with my girls! This has been my goal since the oldest was born, and I’m finally getting there!

We’ve got lost of plans and projects…and I know that we won’t accomplish them all…but we’ve got plans! My main goal for the house is to get the laundry under control and makeover our “junk” room in to a playroom so I can reclaim my living room!

In a couple of weeks we’ll be going on a family vacation which we haven’t done since I found out I was pregnant with Savannah. It will be nice to be together with no work responsibilities getting in the way. We’ll be spending a week in Branson, Missouri. The girls are excited about Silver Dollar City!

Not ony does the laundry need to be under control, but this house needs to be de-cluttered and organized, so when we come back from vacation, Project Get in Under Control will commence!


Snuggle Fresh Spring Flowers

With a husband who manages a lawn care business on the side and 2 little girls who love to be outside, you can imagine what our dirty clothes baskets look (and SMELL) like. Along with a lawn care business comes grass stains, gasoline & oil stains, and sweaty man smell. Gag! The girls’ clothes aren’t so bad…just normal little kid dirt and not quite so stinky little kid sweat. I’m constantly on the look out for products that makes our clothes smell nicer.

Everybody wants a fabric softener that has the special softness and freshness your family loves.  Introducing the new Snuggle Fresh Spring Flowers scent – a scent that will keep your fabrics smelling fresh and feeling comfortable, perfect for more Snuggle-up moments.  Fresh Release scent droplets add that extra touch to your family’s laundry, keeping clothes looking, smelling, and feeling so irresistible.

When I received my Snuggle dryer sheets in the mail, as soon as I opened the box, I could smell freshness! And how timely to receive Fresh Spring Flowers scent…just when all the flowers are beginning to bloom and the temperatures are starting to climb. Spring temps in south Arkansas are already in upper 80s/lower 90s on some days. I couldn’t wait to throw a Snuggle sheet in the dryer with the next load of mowing clothes!


You can see the nasty grass stains on these pants.  I don’t even try to get the stains out…what’s the point??  But I don’t want the closet smelling like grass and gasoline when I put the clothes away after washing them.    When my 3 year old helped me transfer the clothes from the washer to the dryer, I let her throw in the Snuggle dryer sheet.  She said, “Mmmm, Mama, I smell something.  It smells good.”  And it did!  During the drying cycle, the whole house smelled fresh.  Us girls liked it, but I’m not sure how the hubby will feel about smelling like a fresh, spring flower when he goes out for his next mowing job.

We established that this product has a strong, pleasant scent which helps with stinky work clothes, but nobody really cares how soft mowing clothes are.  We’ll have to try out the fabric softening component with a load of towels or sheets.   This will also let us test the 30 Days of Freshness claim as towels and sheets generally stay stored longer than work clothes.  There’s nothing like a soft, cuddly, fresh smelling set of sheets after a long day!

***I am a member of Team Snuggle, and I received a free product on behalf of Snuggle.  All opinions are 100% mine.


This summer, keep kids’ minds stimulated–and combat summer brain drain–with Green Kid Crafts’ new Summer Discovery Series! These fun, educational activity kits point the way to a summer full of creative learning and outdoor summer fun. Each month, you’ll receive a new Discovery Box full of engaging summer-friendly science and creative activities, each introducing a different educational theme: Outer Space in June, Robot Workshop in July, and Ocean Science in August. Join the Summer Discovery Series for a whole season’s worth of fun while you experience and study outer space in June, learn about and construct robots in July, and experiment with ocean science in August! You can learn more about all the Summer Discovery Series boxes here: And, for a limited time, you can now get up to 3 months of Discovery Boxes for free from Green Kid Crafts! Act fast to snag up to $65 off! Right now if you sign up for a 6 month subscription and use the coupon ONEFREE, you will get 1 FREE month. That means you will pay $15.50/month! When you sign up for a 12 month subscription and use the coupon THREEFREE, you will get 3 FREE months. That means you will pay $15.00/month! This is a great time for current subscribers to renew for a year and for new subscribers to sign up! . Green Kid Crafts’ award-winning Discovery Boxes pack a lot of fun and learning into convenient packages. Each box contains 4-6 Creativity and STEM Science Kits, extension activities, and free online extras. Projects are designed for ages 3-10. Offers expire May 20, 2015.


Kids Academy – Educational Apps for Children

This post was created in partnership with Mom Buzz Media Blogger Network. All views & opinions expressed below are my own and are not influenced in anyway.

Kids Academy | Educational Apps for Children

I know….I’ve read all the recommendations about “screen time” for little ones.  But, let’s face it….Mama has to cook supper without littles climbing her leg and getting burned.   Mama needs to sit and pay bills.  Mama needs to get ready and be at work on time.   There are just times when you needs a little help keeping the littles occupied.  I personally don’t see anything wrong with allowing my 3 year old and 1 year old to play games on my iPad occasionally.  Especially if I know that the apps they’re using are teaching them something. Kids Academy apps are some of my 3 year old’s favorites ones to choose.  She has many apps on my iPad and these are the ones that she seems to open most often.

screen520x924 (2)Preschool & Kindergarten Learning Kids Game
Educational Books & Free Songs

These graphics are phenomenal.  Both of my girls (3yrs & 1yr) love to watch the animations.  There are several different “games” to choose from to work on both numeral recognition as well as the path of movement involved in “writing” the numerals.  There’s also simple sequences (putting the numbers in order) and simple addition.  The addition is a little over my girls’ level.  The 3 yr gets frustrated at that one because she doesn’t  understand what it’s asking her to do.  In addition to the 3 games included, you have the option to “unlock” several.  Because my kids enjoy these so much (and Mama approves because they’re learning while they play) we went ahead and bought the Unlimited Access Pass.  With the exception of the simple addition, the voice instructions are clear enough that my daughter can play independently, only calling for help occasionally when she gets stuck.

Download Preschool & Kindergarten Learning Kids Game


screen520x924screen520x924 (1)

screen520x924 (4)Bugs, Shapes and Robots
Face Paint for Toddlers

FREE for a limited time! (usually $2.99)

The preschool teacher in me LOVES that this app gets littles started tracing shapes and numbers.  Toddlers are still building the fine motor skills required for holding a pencil or crayon correctly, so it’s unrealistic to expect them to “write” numbers or draw shapes.   However, with the app, they can begin learning the path of movement to form each shape or numeral without worry about pencil grip.  The voice instructions are simple and clear enough that I don’t have to sit right next to the 3yr old while she’s playing.   As with the math worksheet app, she can work independently and just call me when she gets stuck.  After she’s done, I can log in to Parent Mode and see her progress so I know which shapes she’s done well with and which ones we may need to work on together.

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Download Bugs, Shapes, and Robots

Pediaswim Giveaway

PediaSwim Giveaway Image


Mom Buzz Media bloggers have teamed up with PediaSwim and will be hosting a fun giveaway!

3 Winners will be chosen!

Grand Prize: $25 Amazon Gift Card and Toddler Swimming Gift Basket
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So Bailey April 2015

My girls will be too excited to see this month’s So Bailey box! Jillian’s is finally coming around to wearing bows and Savannah’s hair is finally getting (almost) long enough to clip one in! We’re starting to accumulate quite a collection, but it still seems there are some days where I just can’t find one to match. So Bailey to the rescue! Here’s what I saw when I opened the box.image

Then I dug in to see what I could see!



I was so excited to find nice pretty pastel “springy” colors.  Here’s a closer look at each one.


This lavender headbead is perfect for Savannah who is just getting enough hair to hold a clip.  I do wish that the flower was removable though.  She’s got a big head and will prob outgrow this band soon as it doesn’t feel like it has a lot of give.

imageimageThis pink striped bow will go with a lot of outfits that we have.  I love that it isn’t a HUGE bow.  It’s just the right size to be noticable but won’t overpower either of the girl’s heads.  It’s attached to our favorite kind of clip (Is this what you call an alligator clip?) that just slides in and doesn’t require you to turn your hand all crazy kind of ways to get it to snap.

And last is this dainty cream-colored flower.  I love the lace accents.  This will be a good “church” bow.  It also has the clip that we like and felt padding to keep it from rubbing a sore spot.


Another neat feature of this subscription is The So Bailey Project that is included every month.   You will receive details on a fun and easy activity to pay it forward.  For every activity you complete, you can win points to get more hair accessories!  This month’s project was called Girls Going Green in honor of Earth Day.  Instructions were to pick a place and help clean up by recycling or disposing of trash that you collect.  I did not do this project with the girls, but we did participate in the Earth Day festivities at our preschool by bringing plastic containers from home and filling a huge box to be recycled!  I think this is an excellent way for So Bailey to promote being pretty on the inside as well as the outside!

This subscription is a keeper for us.  I was pleased with the products, presentation and price.  If you’d like to subscribe to So Bailey, you can choose 1 month ($18.95/month), 3-month ($17.95/month) or yearly ($16.95/month).   I can’t wait to see what else So Bailey has in store for us!

*I pay 100% for this subscription.  All opinions are my own.



Lavender Bath Salts


I’ve been wanting to make up some Lavender Bath Salts for awhile now.  I volunteered to provide an item for a giveaway at a local Speed Oiling event tonight, so this was the perfect time.  It’s super simple and only uses 3 ingredients.

1 cup Epsom salts

1 tbs baking soda

10 drops lavender essential oil (I only recomemend Young Living.  See why here.)

Just combine the ingredients in large bowl, mix together, and store in an airtight glass container.  I used Mason jars from Walmart.  You can also use labels to make them cute.

I love lavender essential oil because it’s good for so many things.  Here are some more ways you can use lavender in your household.

While I was putting together the bath salts for our oily event tonight, I also put together a jar to giveaway on my blog!  Enter to win here.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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